Collection: EMMA FIRENZE

EMMA Firenze's Exquisite Collection

EMMA Firenze  is a Luxury Brand MADE in ITALY for dogs renowned for using precious materials chosen specifically for your dog's comfort and wearability. Emma Firenze is handmade by Florentine artisans from Brass, Silver, Twill, Moleskin, Consentino, Italian Silk, Leather, and gorgeous Fabrics from Chanel.

EMMA FIRENZE stands out for its utmost attention to detail in all stages of production. Its Florentine craftsmanship fIt offers unique, exclusive, and unmistakable handmade products.

Whether you're looking for handmade designer dog accessories, luxury dog collars, dog leashes, dog carrier bags, bespoke wedding clothing or dog coats, or a cozy jumper, Emma Firenze provides luxurious options that reflect a commitment to quality and design.